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Helius helps you to power your home with your own energy produced by a properly sized photovoltaic system, that considerably reduces the electricity bill and the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Our team invites you to discover how you can turn your home into your own energy producer.

Formed by professionals with extensive knowledge in the field of renewable energy, eager for performance and constant evolution, the Helius team offers the necessary support to go through all the necessary steps to become a prosumer.


What services do we provide?


At this stage, the types and number of solar panels to be used will be agreed upon according to the power required to cover all consumption needs. Once these have been determined, the mounting surface area that will allow the required number of panels to be installed will be identified.


Essential in the installation of a photovoltaic system, this stage will include the design of all the elements necessary for safe installation, according to all the necessary technical standards.


After going through the previous steps, every technical, economic and commercial aspect of the assembly will be specified. After the acceptance of the offer and the signing of the contract, the installation of the solar panels will follow, where all the provisions of the technical project will be put into practice. In most cases, the installation requires special working conditions, so we assure you that the Helius team will treat the installation of solar panels with the utmost care and seriousness. Helius wants the customer to feel confident and secure with our team so after installation, the solar panels receive a 12 - year Manufacturer's warranty and a 25 - year Linear Production warranty.


The final customer, i.e. the prosumer, may produce electricity for his own consumption, sell or store the energy produced in his building, only if this activity is not a primary professional/commercial source (activity). The Helius team offers the necessary support to go through all the steps required to become a prosumer. On 31.12.2021 the quantitative compensation of electricity produced and delivered to the national grid was approved. This means that any kWh fed into the grid by your photovoltaic system can be consumed at any time within 24 months.


After installation, the team will monitor with the customer the operation of the panels and identify any possible malfunction. The customer will also be able to refer any equipment malfunctions to Helius, which will be available to resolve any unforeseen situations and will always answer questions related to the operation of the photovoltaic system implemented.


The maintenance of the panels and photovoltaic systems allows to maintain a constant maximum performance during the entire lifetime of its operation, so the Helius team offers solar panel cleaning services at the customer's request.

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