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We offer a complete solution with a prosumer file included and full consultancy, design and implementation services at high functionality and safety standards, including after-sales and maintenance services, ideal for every owner of a reliable solar system that safely generates its own green energy. We also collaborate with specialists in the field, with our equipment produced by Huawei and Risen.


The maintenance of the panels and photovoltaic systems allows to maintain a constant maximum performance during the entire lifetime of its operation, so the Helius team offers solar panel cleaning services at the customer’s request.

In order to obtain the best possible yield, photovoltaic systems must be oriented directly towards the sun, and are therefore exposed to various weather conditions such as dust, ash, pollen, smog, resins, plant elements, bird droppings, mould, pesticides, insects, etc., reducing the performance of solar panels by 10% to 25% compared to properly cleaned ones. Rain is not a sufficient method of keeping solar panels clean as it carries residues and smog, which causes deposits to remain.

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The best solutions

Helius team recommends to clean them early in the morning or in the evening. Solar panels can also be cleaned with a simple water hose or sponge if are no difficult stains.


Call in a professional to clean your panels, especially if they are mounted high up!


Helius has a team of specialised staff, equipped with professional solar panel cleaning equipment, at your disposal for an impeccable cleaning, using products such as 100% purified and demineralised water which leaves no marks or stains, specific panel cleaning accessories, without detergents or harmful chemicals.

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