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About us


Why Helius?

Generated using natural resources, green energy is one of the cheapest forms of electricity available to everyone. The foundations for a sustainable future are slowly but surely being built, so investment in green energy solutions is becoming increasingly favourable.


Helius is a brand that was born out of a passion for technology, science and revolutionary solutions, a company that provides solutions and services for photovoltaic systems and panels. Helius aims to help develop a sustainable future and quality of life for us and future generations. The Helius team’s goal is both to decrease dependence on fossil fuels, to help the customer to be informed and educated on the subject, but also to bring renewable energy into the power consumption, thus achieving long-term carbon and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

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Why us?


We offers you a complete solution with included prosumer file and high quality equipment to make sure that solar energy is consumed as efficiently as possible in your homes.


Respect is one of the defining principles of the Helius team. We respect our clients' requirements, the legal provisions and the characteristics of the environment, offering trust and professionalism whatever the situation.


We offer premium products from market-leading manufacturers, innovative technology and solutions tailored to any consumer's wishes.


Protecting the environment is important nowadays so solar energy has become a popular solution in recent years as it is an inexhaustible resource without harming nature.


Together with top manufacturers, the Helius team accepts any challenge and works continuously to develop the most efficient solutions for the use of photovoltaic systems, with the main goal being successful results.


We want the customer to feel confident and secure with our team so after installation, the solar panels come with a 12-year Manufacturer's warranty and a 25-year Line Production warranty.

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Our mission

Helius team aims to show as many people as possible the benefits of a service that is about and for the customer. Our mission is to improve the quality of our services every day to move towards a safer, better, greener future. That’s why we’re always on top of the most profitable solutions and offerings on the market and constantly make them available to our customers because we want from every point of view a community that is transparent and satisfied with the attention, decisions and services we provide. We are always open to dialogue and prompt in resolving all situations, regardless of the reason.


Helius team’s activities are aimed at both residential and commercial (industrial) customers, individuals and/or companies who want to benefit from energy independence with photovoltaic panels and systems. Our entire team is made up of enthusiastic people, united by the same common goal of using solar energy for a cleaner and brighter future. All photovoltaic systems are designed and installed by experienced and certified electricians, engineers, installers and qualified staff who work hard to provide all customers with the highest quality of service and to ensure they get a good return on their investment.


Helius will take care of all stages of the design, for example from consultancy to after-sales service and maintenance. After assessing the building, its roof space and identifying possible obstacles, the Helius team will design a photovoltaic system that is suitable for the energy consumption.



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